The Mindful Yoga Center Team

Meet the team in our Newington training center. Located in Newington, CT, Mindful Yoga Center is our home base, where you can find yoga classes, events and workshops as well as teacher training.


Suzanne Manafort | Owner & Founder of Mindful Yoga Therapy

Suzanne has studied extensively with Beryl Bender Birch at The Hard and The Soft Yoga Institute and also with Patty Townsend in the Embodyoga Teacher Training programs at Yoga Center Amherst.  She is now on faculty at both schools where she teaches in both teacher training programs, and is the Director at Mindful Yoga Center and it’s teacher training’s.


Eric Ramm - In Memoriam

Co-Director & Studio Manager

A true yogi, Eric gave of himself unconditionally to Mindful Yoga Therapy and (now) Mindful Yoga Center.  We dedicate Mindful Yoga Center in his memory. 

Alicia Wright

Newington, CT

Erika De Jesus

Newington, CT

Michael Riley

Bloomfield, CT


John Olender

Newington, CT

Amy Lawson

Newington, CT

Chris Hayes

Hartford, CT

Patty Townsend

Ameherst, MA


Sean Mahoney

Newington, CT

Randolph Osgood

Newington, CT

Tony Enright

Newington, CT


Dereka Nawracay

Newington, CT

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Theresa Avey

Newington, CT