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MYT For Stress & Anxiety
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MYT For Stress & Anxiety



THURSDAY NIGHTS - 7:30 - 8:30

Feeling overwhelmed, on edge, or panicky? Yoga can be a powerful tool for easing these and other symptoms of anxiety, stress, and trauma. This twelve-week course will introduce you to a suite of techniques that can help you find calm and peace, including breath (pranayama), movement (asana), meditation, and yoga nidra (yogic sleep) that can help you heal. These effective, embodied practices, shared by Mindful Yoga Therapy’s founder, and certified yoga therapists, were originally designed to help veterans of war-overcome trauma. The practices provide a feeling of being grounded and security, deliver relief from the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and offer supportive skills to enhance everyday life now and long into the future.

Scholarships for veterans and their spouses are available. Email:

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10:00 AM10:00

Back Bending Workshop with Patty Townsend

Graceful back bends are elegant, soft, and beautiful. Much more than a directional movement of the spine, back bending involves a laying bare of our hearts and an opening of our core. Back bends embody expansive movement outward from our personal limitations toward something greater and more compelling. It doesn’t matter how far the back bends. More important is the quality of the consciousness that is being expressed.

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