Melinda Grafton | Ambassador


Melinda Grafton is a retired Lt. Col., United States Air Force. Her individual yoga journey began in 1997 when she was a young Captain faced with medical issues. Yoga was her path to health. In December 2001 she started teaching yoga to military personnel in Germany, as they prepared for their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.

She has had the honor of studying with a number of respected instructors including Rod Stryker, Baron Baptiste, Manju Jois, and Patty Townsend. She is a student of Panditji, Himalayan Institute.

Melinda studied with Suzanne Manafort and has her 200 hour certification in Embodyoga and her 100 hour certification in Mindful Yoga Therapy. She is also certified by NESTA Sport Yoga, Fit Yoga, and has a Para Yoga, 40-hour course in Vinyasa Flow.

Throughout her yoga journey, Melinda has taught predominantly in military environments and teaches a class designed to be accessible to a wide audience. Her classes focus on the  fundamentals of movement connected with breath, breathing practices and meditation.  Her goal is to provide a nurturing environment to help you gain flexibility, strength, balance, and relaxation.