Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga introduced to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.

Our classes are a moving meditation of breath-connected postures. The postures flow together like beads on a string, or a “mala”.

This strong athletic practice results in improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

Power Up

It begins the moment that you roll out your mat. Start your day off on your mat and, perhaps, change the course of your day.  Through breath and movement linked together, you will discover the focus, concentration, and calming effects of yoga that people have been practicing for thousands of years.

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for one day or thirty years, you will get to the “root” of your practice as we guide you in refining and aligning your poses by breaking them down into each component…finding the sukha and sthira (sweetness and steadiness) in each one…enabling you to take that body of knowledge into a regular practice!

In a Power Up class, you will:

  • Learn the proper alignment of the yoga postures

  • Learn to move and breathe with grace and ease

  • Energize your body and mind

  • Increase your flexibility, strength, and endurance

  • Find the anti-stress benefits by finding balance in your nervous system through breath and asana

Embodyoga – Yoga from the inside out

Embodyoga is a radical and inclusive approach to the ancient science of yoga.  It is an evolving tapestry, woven from the deeply healing, therapeutic, and spiritual essence of Yoga, and cutting edge studies in the field of body-mind-consciousness.

We explore our body’s structures and consciousness through embodied asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), and meditation.

In an Embodyoga class, you will:

  • Increase self-knowledge, acceptance and love through “embodied-inquiry”, asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophical study.

  • Discover “whole–body–support” concepts for strong, comfortable, injury-free asana practice.

  • Learn to weave postures, breath and movement into progressive depths of experience.

  • Discover the grace and wisdom of the body-mind-spirit in movement and in stillness.

  • Develop a depth and beauty in your yoga practice that remains constant when you step off the mat.

Embodyoga was created by Patty Townsend. Mindful Yoga Center also offers Embodyoga Teacher Training.

Mindful Yoga Therapy

For many of us, the practices of yoga have changed our lives. That statement may seem dramatic, but it’s true. These practices teach us to turn inward, to pay attention, and to notice without judgment. They enable us to find balance in our bodies and minds, as well as develop our overall well-being.

Mindful Yoga Therapy is a breath-led practice that will give you the supports and tools to find a calm and steady body/mind. The ability to integrate this work into your life can help lead to a productive and peaceful life.

Yoga Nidra

Lie down, put an eye pillow on, and take a journey of guided conscious rest. Learn to develop the feeling of deep relaxation in the body. Explore a deeper level of consciousness, connect with your body’s primal wisdom, relax. Join us for a restorative yoga practice, breath work and a long, guided savasana, which is the essence of Yoga Nidra.



Mindful Yoga Center often schedules series of yoga classes. Some of our regular class series are described here. 

Walk-ins are welcome for some series. Others are progressive, so we ask that you participate from the beginning. Please check the series description for details.

You can find upcoming series start dates on our full schedule.

Here you’ll also find events and workshops. These make it possible for you to experience yoga classes taught by visiting teachers, or to focus on topics of interest and a variety of yoga forms.

Yoga for Beginners

This series, for the new student, teaches postures and their alignments. It focuses on breath, correct alignment in postures, and addresses one posture at a time.  Learn to practice yoga in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In this series, learn Ashtanga yoga one posture at a time.

Ashtanga Yoga Foundations

Meditation - The Journey Inward

Meditation is a systematic technique for knowing yourself on all levels.

From childhood, we are taught to examine the external world, and not how to be still and pay attention to our deeper levels of consciousness. Lack of self-understanding is why we struggle in relationships, and why we experience confusion and disappointment.

As the process of turning inward deepens, awareness is transformed. The highest levels of joy and clarity can be experienced through meditation.

Please join us on this inward journey, and learn to establish a stable and enduring center of health and awareness.

In our society, we spend too much time sitting or bent over. We drive to and from work in a car and sit at a desk all day. We unwind on the couch or recliner. Our bodies are stiff and in pain. With back pain at epidemic levels, non-drug relief is necessary.

Yoga can help relieve tightness, increase circulation, and increase your strength and flexibility. Learn to move from the center of the body. Expand and condense from the center out, and back in. Increase spine strength and bring good health to the abdominal organs, by keeping your center strong and supple.

Yoga for Back Care

Events & Workshops

Mindful Yoga Center events give you the opportunity to experience classes taught by visiting teachers. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, and limited to the optimal number of students.

Mindful Yoga Center workshops, conducted by our friendly and experienced staff, are designed to focus on topics of interest and a variety of yoga forms. Some workshops are single-event format, while others are series.



Class Level descriptions are provided as guidelines. All classes at Mindful Yoga Center are tailored to the participants. Postures can always be modified to accommodate individual abilities.

Level 1: This class is done at a slower pace with more explanation as you learn the practice. Build a strong and safe practice with emphasis on the fundamentals. All are welcome. Beginners to experienced students may benefit from this class.

Level 2: A strong flowing practice that connects breath and movement and develops strength, flexibility and endurance. Introduction to more challenging postures and inversion.

Level 3: Deeper exploration of asana practice. An intermediate to advanced class that may include inversion, pranayama, and meditation.

Exploration Class: A class that will focus on one or more principles in the style of that yoga. This class is similar to a workshop atmosphere. All levels are welcome.


Do not eat two hours prior to class.

Hydrate before class.

Bring a yoga mat. Yoga mats are also available for purchase.

Please turn off cell phones.

Please be mindful that some people have sensitivities to scents and fragrances.