How Yoga Helps Veterans

Chris-Crop-1 The Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans team will be at the Sedona Yoga Festival for a special 2-Day teacher training.  #SYF2014 has joined forces with the Give Back Yoga Foundation to help raise awareness of the work all of us are doing with Veterans.

Our Director of Communications, Chris Eder wrote a blog on his thoughts about How Yoga Helps Veterans.


My name is Chris Eder…and I’ve spent the past 23 years on active duty service to THE United States of America as a Combat Correspondent in the Air Force.  Since 9/11, I have found myself in some interesting places.  Sometimes by myself, sometimes with people I had never met, and sometimes with people who I love(d) as a brother or a sister.

I don’t sleep.  For many years, I just told people I was a “morning” person.  That was maybe less than half true…as I really do enjoy being up before anyone else.  Hot showers, fresh coffee, etc.  But the truth was…I couldn’t sleep.   CLICK FOR MORE!