Veterans Place

Here is a place where these [Mindful Yoga Therapy] materials are being used. It is called Veterans Place of Washington Blvd where there are currently 45 residents in temporary housing and many others who come into the daytime program for rest, food, and resources, who are living on the streets or shelters. In two more weeks I begin teaching deliberate breathing practices beyond breath awareness (Ujjayi, 3 Part Breath, Alternate Nostril Breath) and am so excited to then distribute the CDs to reinforce what each person will have learned in class! It takes it one step closer to use in ones life and that is what these guys are asking for, how to carry this practice into their lives.

Here are comments from the first series at Veteran's Place, on feedback sheets:

I came here wanting to change something about myself and it didn't change. Seeing that it didn't have to change, something changed.

Great training helps me relax. ~Mike, Army Veteran

It really helps me with my PTSD and all issues regarding ego, drugs, alcohol. ~Jason, USMC Veteran