Veterans' Day Fundraisers

Mindful Yoga Therapy Veterans FundraiserOver the past year, we’ve distributed 8,000 MYT Toolkits to Veterans, helping them to find peace of mind and relief from the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. We have done this with help from the Give Back Yoga Foundation. We have a new goal to share free yoga, education, and Mindful Yoga Therapy Practice Guides with 30,000 Veterans by 2015. We need your help! This is a call to action to everyone who wants to support ‘Our Troops’. Our work is vital because every day, about 22 returning Veterans take their own lives. That's a low estimate. To be clear…today at least 22 families lost a loved one who had returned to them after serving our country in combat. Help us to help them!

Veteran Suicides - GraphCombat Veterans for OIF and OEF are committing suicide every single day -- this is a fact, and it is becoming a dangerous epidemic.

Did you know more veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have died from suicide than from injuries sustained in combat?

Please do something to help us turn these numbers around.

This Veterans' Day, November 11, hold a fundraiser on behalf of Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans. Maybe a donation based yoga class or be creative.

Honor the heroes who have made incredible sacrifices and who now need our help.