Spring Has Sprung for Mindful Yoga Therapy

Sit quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. —Zen saying

HELLO SPRING!  For many of us it has been a long and cold winter.  Record-setting snowfall in many cities.  In fact, it snowed here (Baltimore) just last Sunday.  That is crazy! We had our first snowfall back in October.  That is six months of snow.  Six months of potentially staying indoors.  Six months of potentially little to no activity.  Six months of what I call...preparing my Buddha belly.  I guess on the flip-side, I haven't mowed the lawn in more than six months too.

As the grass begins to green over and grow, and the flowers...oh the flowers begin to bloom, get outside.  Get moving.  Enjoy the outdoors with a great sense of mindfulness.  It is amazing.  In the mornings I enjoy sitting out on my deck to watch the sunrise.  I've also been enjoying the company of the birds.  Two new types of birds hanging out with me in my backyard this year.  As the temperatures rise, the bunnies begin to come out too.  Turns out, they like daffodils just as much as I do.  However, they don't enjoy looking at them, rather they enjoy eating them.   I even had a raccoon hanging out in the backyard yesterday.  Spring is definitely alive and well.  So is Mindful Yoga Therapy. A lot has happened over this long winter.

First of all, we became the Yoga component of The Give Back Yoga Foundation. “Give Back Yoga Foundation already has a non-profit infrastructure that’s both effective and efficient,” said GBYF Executive Director Rob Schware. “By freeing up key Mindful Yoga Therapy staff members, we can allow them to focus on what they do best — teaching and helping veterans.”  Teaching and helping veterans is exactly what we've been doing!  On Veterans Day (way back in November) we held a nationwide fundraiser.  In May, The Oracle Band is holding a concert at the American Legion Post 40 in Glen Burnie Maryland. (FACEBOOK EVENT)   The money raised will help fund even more scholarships.  Speaking of scholarships, we were able to provide $6437.50 in grants to Veterans to attend our 15-hour course as wells as one lucky Vet will be going to a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Coming up this year we have committed to give 1 full scholarship and 2 half scholarships in the amount of $2250.00 for the 100 hour program.

Suzanne Manafort and Robin Gilmartin have been tirelessly working on our brand new 100-hour program.  The 100-hour Mindful Yoga Therapy program consists of five modules, presented over five weekends. It includes our Beginning Mindful Yoga Therapy Program and our new Resilience Program. 
The 12-week Resilience Program is the follow-up to the Beginning Mindful Yoga Therapy Program. Both programs include a 12-week protocol that includes Embodyoga® supports and all five “Tools” from the “Tool Box”.   Programs fill up quickly, so you should seriously consider checking our schedule and signing up today.

Suzanne and Robin have also worked out our second phase of training which answers the question "What happens next?"  In other words, what happens after Veterans with PTSD have successfully completed  our 12-week program?  One word kept coming up in the discussion our team would have.  That word...RESILIENCE!  What is Resilience?  Psychology Today says – “Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever.”  As we move into this Resilience program with our initial “Tools” from the Mindful Yoga Therapy Beginning Program in place, we begin to add more “Tools." We will add three new breathing practices and a new Yoga Nidra called Warrior Nidra. They will all be included on our new CD.


We are starting to put together a database of all of our MYT trained instructors.

 If you'd like to be on the list, send Chris Eder an email. Include: Name, RYT hours, City/State, where you were trained with date. Please also let us know if you are teaching at a VA, and/or if you are offering a free class to Vets.  We are starting to get several emails from people looking for a MYT class. 

There is so much more going on too!  Stay tuned.