New Year...New You?

PerfectFirst are perfect just the way you are.  This time of year it is very customary to judge the year that was and decide how to make the year that will be even better.  We make resolutions to eat better, exercise more, and what ever else tickles our fancy.  Resolutions generally all have good intentions behind them.  Sadly, by March most resolutions are completly forgotten. This year...instead of making a resolution (or two) might I suggest making an intention.  Yeah...just like in a yoga class when you set an intention for your practice.  Most likely in your yoga practice you come back to your intention several times.  Do you know why?  Every time you repeat your intention you are doing two things.  1) You are sending it to the universe for support and 2) You are bringing it to the forefront of your mind...your pre-frontal cortex (PFC).  This is where your conscious memory exists.  Over time, the intentions you repeat and bring to your PFC will slip into your subconscious memory.  This is where the real work happens.  It is an auto-pilot workhorse of action!

If you plan to make resolutions this year...perhaps you'll set intentions instead.  Furthmore, only set intentions that relate to the mind, body, and spirit.  Use compassion instead of judgement when doing so.  Then make them part of your daily practice.  Speak them when you first wake up.  Post them near your computer, or where ever you spend a good bit of time. Recite them after your meditation practice. Speak them before you go to bed.  I would even share them with others.  This creates a level of accountability.  Lastly, set monthly reminders on your calendar app.  These monthly check-ups provide you an opportunity to reflect on your intentions.  You might even want to start a journal to collect your thoughts.