Mindful Yoga for Trauma Adaptive Training for Yoga Teachers • 15 Hour Program


Mindful Yoga for Trauma Adaptive Yoga is clinically tested and empirically informed.

Ann Richardson Stevens, creator, has been working with men and women living with mobility disabilities for nearly 10 years. This program brings to life the MYT guiding principles in an adaptive setting. Learn how to help students find their mind-body connection.

The MYT Adaptive Program provides a variety of tools, discussion, and asana to open the practice of yoga practice to Every Body—whether hobbling, rolling, or walking into class. Students will explore universal principles that can be shared with people regardless of their level of ability/disability, including amputees, those living with paralysis, neurological conditions, spine issues, MS, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, confined to a wheelchair or not.

Learn to teach students how to reconnect to gravity, earth, and foundation in order to re-emerge taller, stronger, confident, and whole. Gain a deeper understanding of what physical challenges students feel and in fact don’t feel, and lead them back to this re-integration of the self through practice. Teachers will leave feeling confident and better able to gravitate to students with physical challenges.

MEMBERSHIP #: 39676559

MEMBERSHIP #: 39676559

YA ID: 23076

YA ID: 23076

Schedule for 15-hour Adaptive Program

Below are upcoming dates and locations for the Mindful Yoga for Trauma Adaptive Yoga Training for Yoga Teachers 15-hour program.

January 17-19, 2020


December 11-13, 2020